10 Minute Workout for your 3rd Trimester

This workout is a Tabata style workout, which means you are timed for your work and rest. This workout also includes 2 supersets, meaning you will alternate between the 2 exercises for 8 rounds, then perform the second superset in the same manner for 8 more rounds. This is an awesome workout for pregnant mamas and even for postpartum! Be sure to consult your doctor before you perform any exercise you are doing while pregnant, as taking care of your body and your baby is most important! 

Tabata Superset 1 (8 rounds alternating exercises)

Weighted Squats | Make sure to start with your tail bone tucked. Being pregnant, you're may have an increased low-back arch like you can see I have. Tucking the tail bone will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and keep your squat positioning strong. Keep your weighted ball close to your chest as you lower with your back straight, tail bone tucked, and head level. Come as close to a 90 degree bend as possible. You should feel as if you are sitting back in a chair. Feet can be wider than a normal squat stance to make room for that belly! Knees should never peak over your toes. If this is a problem, don't squat as low until you develop the strength to go lower with out your knees going past your toes. 

Squat and Alternating Front Kick | Begin standing with your weighted ball close to your chest. Using the same positioning for your weighted squats, come down into your good squat position. As you come out of your squat, drive your right leg straight up in front of you, keeping your upper body and core tight. As soon as right leg is back on the floor, drop down into a squat, pop back up and drive your left leg straight in front of you. Be sure to keep the knees soft and slightly bent on both your standing leg and your kicking leg. 

Tabata Superset 2 (8 rounds alternating exercises)

Alternating Plank Holds or Push Ups with Weighted Ball | This exercise challenges your core and shoulder stability. Continuing core exercises while you are pregnant is extremely important as your back takes a lot of the baby weight. Strengthening your core will help with day to day activities, good sleep, and even labor. There are three options for this exercise: first is a plank hold while you alternate the ball, rolling it from one hand to the other in a slow and controlled manner. Be sure to not let your hips sag or shift side to side, keeping your abs and glutes tight as you challenge your stability. The second option are pushups from your knees. Keeping your hips (tail bone tucked), back, and head in a line, adjust your hands closer or further from your body so you achieve proper body positioning. Continue to alternate the ball from hand to hand in between each pushup you perform. Your third option is regular pushup position. All the same cues from the alternative positions still apply here. Remember to regress the exercise using the alternatives to make sure you remain comfortable throughout all the sets. 

Weighted Toe Touch Crunches | Begin on your back with your legs straight up so your achieve a 90 degree angle at your hips and your knees slightly bent (be sure to adjust so you and that bump are comfortable!) With your arms extended holding your weighted ball, angle them slightly towards your toes. Start with you chest first pressing up, and reach the ball to your toes and return to starting position. This is a short, controlled motion, as the range of movement will be limited. This should not be a curling motion with your head and chin tucked. If you are uncomfortable with your legs in the air, place both feet on the ground and continue to press your chest towards the sky and the ball to where your toes used to be. 

Equipment I used: 

I have a few favorite things I tend to use over and over again. I did an article a few weeks back about my top 5 minimalist items for your home workout. For this workout, I started out with my Trigger Point foam roller in the 26" size. Hands down, it is the best on the market right now and not be a product that phases out or gets warn down. Those are huge brownie points in my book.

The second product I used in this workout was my weighted medicine ball. I am using an 8 pound ball, and these by Valeo come in four different sizes in 2-pound weight increments from 4 pounds to 12. 

As always, I used my Gymboss Tabata timer to make this workout easy to follow!