World Team Trials Recap

Last weekend's world team trials in Oklahoma City went alright. Even though my results on paper were not very good, there were small accomplishments that I need to be proud of. It has been a really long time since I haven't been in the top 3 for 48kg at World Team Trials, but it just opens my eyes to the changes that need to happen for next year. This season went by so fast. When Katherine and I started this web site a year ago we were 2 years away from the Olympic Games. Now we are edging closer to the one year mark and even closer to our US Trials next April. The coming year is going to really full and very different, and everyone will be keeping their eye on the prize. Being at the Olympic Training Center throughout this next year is going to fuel motivation as all the athletes ramp up their training in preparation.

For the women's team the season is not over. We are going to start a two week camp on Monday and have the non-Olympic weight class trials at the end on the second week. I am going to be wrestling at 51kg and Katherine at 59kg. We all have this week off and the weather has been beyond beautiful. I have been focusing on seeking out different forms of exercise so that I will be prepared for next week. Tuesday we went to a hot yoga class and yesterday we swam in the outdoor pool. It was a little embarrassing for me because I can't make it through very many laps before I start to feel like I am drowning and there were a few swimmers lounging nearby.

I've started putting down on paper the things that I learned through this last season. I have to say I had a lot of success early on, and I am going to look into what went right and what went wrong. The mistakes we make are perfect opportunities to change and grow.