Ladies Wrestlin' at Menlo!

It was such a great opportunity when I got to go back to my Alma Mater, Menlo College, and do an all girls wrestling camp! Not only was I back in my old college stopping grounds, but I got a chance to give back to the sport I love.

As most of you know, our mission here on Fulp-Allen Wrestling is to try and reach out to young female wrestlers and give them a glimpse into future opportunities which may await them! It is not very often we get a chance to actually work with these future stars, one-on-one. 

The girls we worked with were mainly from California and its neighboring states. They were fantastic! Each day we had 2 hour sessions in which they learned technique, wrestled situations, and wrestled live. Many of the girls were new to freestyle, which presented a unique opportunity not only for the girls to learn, but for us to re-learn the best way to teach freestyle.

 Each evening we took the girls through personal stories, nutrition, sport psychology, as well personal goals in wrestling. It was great to see how many girls were excited about taking time out of their summers to focus on a sport I love so much... just like I had done when I was their age. 

Often, I am asked what do you need to do at a young age to be at the national and international levels in wrestling later on... natural talent? Extreme self motivation? I always say that taking every opportunity, camp, international tour, and coaching you can get will take you very, very far. 

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