Female Athletes Rockin' the Podcast World

Podcasts are becoming extremely mainstream these days. If you haven't bought in yet, now's the time! The options to listen to your favorite sports starts, business CEO's, story telling, and life advice is so widely varied and available! In the sports world, you have athletes who have converted to business and life advice podcasters, and will interview others on what it took for them to become successful in their career. It is often an interview about how they into came to the success they now have. It can be rare to get an inside look into a currently competing athlete, especially one fresh off of a huge National competition.

In the world of wrestling, it can be especially rare to hear women interviewed on podcasts. Even though the numbers of sports and wrestling podcasts are growing, women in sport are still often the exception. I am thrilled that The Inside Trip Podcast has taken on the task to have more females on their podcast (hint hint for future collaborations with LuchaFIT to come!). It is time to take notice of the business savvy and forward thinkers who know how to begin diversifying their listening group. 

The Inside Trip Podcasts hits it out of the park with their interview with National and 2013 World Team Member, Jenna Burkert. It takes a certain type of digging to get answers like these out of any person, let alone an athlete. Brandon and Ben get into it with Jenna and discover what her feelings were gearing up for World Team Trials, and how the sting of not making a world team will continue to drive her. The guys hear about what it means to Jenna to be representative of the Army World Class Athlete Program, and the pride it has instilled in her to be wrestling as her job. Get to know who Jenna says are her past and present rivals on the Women's US National Team, her last minute decision to go up to 63kg, and what she believes wrestling as a whole needs to increase their presence in the sports world. 

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I hope I've converted a whole new group to podcasting :)