No Excuses Workout | HIIT Workout #3

Working out while injured

It can get very easy during an injury to focus on what you can't do and end up blinding yourself to what you can do. Being realistic in your fitness and workout goals post surgery or when you are completely off limits to an injured area is very important.

Your workouts will not look the same as they did before. Your pace and tempo should be slow and controlled. They are typically not meant to increase or improve your cardio. That has a time and a place when the injury is healed enough to handle a high intensity load. 

Being okay with the concept that these workouts will look different, will really be a life saver for yourself mentally. This is the time to tap into another kind of toughness. And this is being tough on the necessity of consistency. Creating a routine of workouts that keep you on track as you heal and build strength back to sport will the fundamental building blocks to prevent re-injury. 

Here's what you'll do:


Warm-Up (I chose a 10 minute bike ride)

For this workout, you will perform 6 different exercises. 

Set your timer for: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 12 rounds
2 rounds of each exercise:

  1. Alternating Reverse Lunge
  2. Side plank
  3. Single Leg RDL (Romanian Dead Lift) Reach with Toe Kick
  4. Knees Wide Single Arm Push-Ups
  5. Pistol Squat with Chair Touch
  6. Leg Raises

GymBoss Interval Timer

Bottoms: Lululemon Run Inspire Crops
Top: Lululemon Tank
Shoes: Nike