Rehydration after Weigh-Ins

Plan, plan, plan. Yep, I'm telling you guys again about planning and I am keeping with the theme of preparation. It is important for a wrestler to have their plan set for rehydration after weigh-ins. This will include having the proper food and drink you want to consume, as well as having a well planned time schedule. 

The time schedule of rehydrating will help with proper digestion of what you eat, as well as creating a purpose for yourself. It can be easy to mindlessly eat and drink and end up consuming more than you thought, leaving you feeling bloated and uneasy about competing for the day. 

Recognize that the types of food you eat will be important too. Many contain salt to help your body absorb water, as well as sugar to replenish lost energy during a weight cut or hard workouts. 

Your plan will be different for day before or morning of weigh-ins. 

For a day before weigh ins, you will have a much longer time frame to rehydrate. Take advantage of that! Below is a rehydration plan you can follow for optimum results. 

Rehydration schedule for day of weigh-ins:

Weigh In Time: 7am


  • 10 oz of water and 10 oz of sport drink (sipping)

(choose one of these snacks)

  • 4-6 salty crackers, handful of pretzels, or other salty snack 


  • 10 oz water and 10 oz sports drink

(choose 1-2 of these snacks)

  • 1/2-1 banana, 1/2 plain bagel with jam or honey, 1 chocolate pudding, 1 cliff bar  


  • have wrestling shoes on ready to warm up or earlier if directed 

Rehydration schedule day before competition weigh-ins:

Weight In Time: 3pm


  •  Drink 10-18 oz of water/sports drink (sipping) 


  • Drink 10-18 oz sports drink

(choose one of these snacks)

  • 5-8 salty crackers, 2 handfuls pretzels or other salty snack, miso or salty soup


  • Drink 12-24 oz of water/sports drink (sipping) 

(choose one of these snacks)

  • 1-2 banana, plain bagel with jam or honey, 1-2 chocolate puddings, or cliff bar


  • Dinner, and continue rehydrating up until bed. You should pee before going to bed, urine color should be light. 

If your weigh-in time is later in the evening on the night before, just condense the time you spend on each section so that you can eat an appropriate dinner. As you continue to practice this technique of slowly rehydrating and eating, you will change it to fit your needs. No one knows your body better than you!

7x National Team Member Sara Bahoura wrote a great article for USA Wrestling on rehydration, and the important role it plays in the practice room and leading up to competitions. You can find that article here. It becomes your job as an athlete/wrestler to do the research and learn what others are discussing on rehydration. If you're here reading this article, you're already taking the first steps towards educating yourself! Nice!

Remember that the above information is a guideline. I am not a nutritionist, but have learned the importance of hydration through experience. Wrestling is a high intensity sport that depletes energy stores. The importance is on learning how to rehydrate your body around all aspects of the sport. 

Tell us if you try out this method and how it works for you! 

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