SparkFire Blog Collaboration Part 1: Opening up about Body Image and Being an Athlete

I have had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with an AWESOME active wear brand SparkFire Active! These awesome women are focused on creating dri fit athletic shirts and headbands that fit just right for girls! They also have a strong passion for empowerment and education for girls domestic and international, and I am so pleased to be working with them! 

I've given you a small taste of my first blog below, as part of a 3 part blog series, for SparkFire Active. Be sure the click below to read the rest! 

I have always admired the strong, muscular, athletic body types of women -- women who look tough and powerful. These are women we may traditionally label as 'athletes.'

My mom's favorite game to play with strangers is "guess what sport my daughter does". They never seem to guess correctly. I used to be frustrated by that. I used to be frustrated by the reaction of "you don’t look like a wrestler... at all!" Today, I use these responses as a brilliant opportunity to educate others on the amazing diversity of females in sport -- specifically females in a combat sport.  


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