SparkFire Blog Collaboration Part 2: One Body Type for Athletes? No Way!

Part 2 of the Body Image series is up! I am extremely proud that I have been able to work with SparkFire Active. While I've been writing and building up LuchaFIT, I knew it would be important to build relationships with other women and girl-powered companies and organizations. To discover that our messaging aligns so well and how much we are all focused on showing girls their own power, has inspired me to write this series (and hopefully one you enjoy!) 

I want to be sure that you guys know some important things about SparkFire: First, each time you purchase one of their dri fit athletic shirts , 5% is donated directly to the companies they partner with to support their Girls' Education Program. By the time they have sold 500 shirts, they have supported a FULL YEAR of education for a girl! Check out their Instagram to see the girls they are impacting all over the world! I am so impressed by their impact, and I can't wait for you to join their Tribe! 

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My dad was 84 pounds his freshman year in high school. In the late 1940's / early 1950's, his school had a high school wrestling weight class of 96 pounds. My mom was a gymnast and very petite. I certainly had the genes to be a small and petite woman coupled with the genes of an athlete. I was destined to be a small kiddo.  

It was hard to see past my body type. Well into my twenties, I was still plagued with body insecurities. What others said continued to effect me, but it took on a new form.


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