SparkFire Blog Collaboration Part 3: Feeling Strong, Inside & Out : When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength

We are on to part 3 of the Body Image series, our last and final installment! One of the benefits I have reaped from writing this series has been working with the amazingly supportive team at SparkFire Active. I was unsure of how I wanted to communicate my story and my message. The women of this awesome company provided me with so much guidance and positivity, it made the process 10 times easier! I am proud to be a SparkFire Ignitor and part of the SparkFire Tribe! 

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I have always had a strong sense of resiliency. Just because I was unhappy with my body type did not mean I was looking for a way out. I was looking for a way IN. My search for a way into the “right” wrestling body type actually led me towards the right mentality for accepting myself.  

My perceptions of weakness versus strength clearly needed to be re-tuned. In my mind, I empowered myself to seek people who could help me and answers that would click.



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