Partner HIIT Workout Part 2: Exercise Explanations

Part 2 is here of the partner HIIT workout! This is the full explanation for the exercises in Part 1 which you can watch here or check out the blog for Part 1 here

Part 1 emphasized the importance of wrestling based exercises and how training like some of the most amazing athletes in the world will be an amazing way to get in shape! 

Here's what we did-

Set an interval timer to 30 seconds of work  and 10 seconds of rest:

5 exercises and 1 bonus
Each partner completes a round of the exercise
Both partner completes a round of Burpees in between each exercise



Top: Never Too Pretty Brand Tank, "The Beauty in Strength"
Bottoms: Lululemon, Run Inspire Crop
Bra: Lululemon, Free to be Wild
Shoes: Nike, Air Zoon Odyssey

Interval Timer Used:
Simple Interval Timer (SIT) App for iPhone

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I love all your feedback, tell me if you grabbed a partner and killed this workout!