The Inside Trip Podcast: Victoria Anthony

The Inside Trip Podcast has hit it out of the park again with another awesome interview! Their podcast series, Women of the Mat, is brought to you by LuchaFIT and Wrestle Like a Girl.

It doesn't get much better than hearing from the high energetic and all around exciting wrestler to watch compete, Victoria Anthony. She is a 2x Junior World Champion, 2x US Open Champ, and 4x College National Champ, and this year's representative going to Paris for the Wrestling World Championships.

Victoria talks about her journey as an athlete to get to where she is now, and she gives some insight on her training preparing for the World Championships this month.

Her exposure to combat sport was first through Judo as a child, and then started her wrestling career in high school in Southern California. She has had to fortune of training in quite a few locations over her career, and has taken advantage of everyone she's been able to expose herself to. Her training locations have included Colorado, Canada, California, and more recently Arizona. Happy with her current training situation under Angel Cejudo and the coaches at ASU, Victoria is excited to hit the mat this month in Paris! 

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