Welcome to LuchaFIT!

It has been a long time coming, and I’m pleased to announce that Fulp-Allen Wrestling has a new look and a new name! LuchaFIT!

The blog on Fulp-Allen Wrestling has become a platform for reaching more athletes and educating others on a broader level. I soon realized that what we needed was to build a larger platform and community, that stretched beyond the current site’s limits. As a result of the amazing feedback and suggestions I’ve received, LuchaFIT was born.

This new platform will allow us to continually build on what it means to be fit, healthy, and athletic. We’ll feature favorite new gear, guests, and all the topics that you want to see talked about.

LuchaFIT is inspired by my experience as a professional athlete and a wrestler on the national team. The word “lucha” means to struggle, to fight, and to wrestle. It represents my journey through sport, and I think it represents the way many of us travel through life: we may struggle, but we accept the fight and we persevere through. This is what it means to embody being "LuchaFIT." We take a mind, body and soul perspective when it comes to being "Fit" – you certainly can't have one without the other.

This blog is for anyone who is looking to gain insight in their life to help with sport, nutrition, fitness, and all around health for your soul!

I will be posting every Wednesday, and the newsletter will be going out every Friday... which you should definitely sign up for!! Click here to subscribe.

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Cheers to new adventures,