Why Men's Wrestling Gear Doesn't Cut it for Women

This blog is in partnership with MyHouseSports

I want to be open and candid about wrestling partnerships. First, if we don't work together to build a community of businesses that provide wrestlers what they need, then it makes it difficult for people to create a living around the sport and then in turn give back to the sport what it needs. Second, I am thoroughly impressed by what MyHouseSports Gear has created, and the gear they are providing for girls in our sport. I did not have this while I was wrestling, and it is still limited as to what is provided for us. 

I still own my first wrestling t-shirt that was bought for me as an elementary school wrestler. Even though the graphic of the wrestlers on the tee is rather weird, at the time I didn't care. There were women on it, and it was something made for me! Since that time, I have been extremely passionate about gear for women in wrestling. Throughout college I pushed and helped get women's cut clothing for our team. On the national team, I worked on the fit and feel of women's cut singlets for my wrestling club the New York Athletic Club. Today, I am passionate about helping girls find sports bras, shorts, and practice gear that fits their bodies and helps performance. 

But why all the trouble? Not only are there barriers to entry for girls in the sport of wrestling, but the last thing we want to have happen is a wardrobe malfunction. Baggy men's shorts, t-shirts that don't fit our bodies, and less-than-supportive sports bras are a recipe for disaster in a wrestling room –– especially if you are the only female in the room. 

This is why I am partnering with and bringing you to a company who has taken the time to make sure the gear fits well and performs well on female athletes at different sizes. I was so impressed when they discussed the different methods they used ensuring that their singlets fit girls and women at different sizes and how they had to adjust the neck line so girls could get the singlet up over their hips. Now that's what I'm talking about, a company that understands we have hips! I know many of you have and are still wearing boys singlets. How frustrating is it when your teammates are confused as to why you are complaining about the fit? It may be obvious to us, but not as obvious to the opposite gender that boys gear just doesn't cut it anymore. And it shouldn't! 

MHS is offering LuchaFIT readers an exclusive 10% off* on products when you order with the code LUCHA. Here are my favorite products from MHS right now and why I love it:

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These take the cake. It is rare that I practice in shorts anymore. I am drawn to workout gear that covers more surface area (preventing mat burn, skin infections, and just all around comfort). I am a stickler about the see-through factor, as leggings are a no go if you can tell the color of what you are wearing underneath, and these create the ability for you to wear whatever you want underneath! Waist band is next in my book. With out a secure waist band, the fit around your legs means nothing. With a thicker waist band on the MyHouseSport leggings, I feel extremely comfortable moving, sprawling, and working on my par-terre defense! They've sent me samples, and i've put them through the ringer of hard practices, multiple wash cycles, and they still feel as good as my Lululemon leggings that were 2-3x the price. 



These singlets are a great addition, especially for the freestyle season. What makes freestyle singlets different from regular season? You need two singlets, one red and one blue. The singlet can have any design, but needs to distinctly show a red or blue stripe on each leg and across the back. If you are wrestling internationally, the federation is beginning to request that the singlet cut is done in the racer back style. MyHouseSports Gear allows you to customize your singlets for your team, or for yourself! 


Compression top and shorts

Since the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) has approved the two-piece competition uniform, more wrestlers have began to choose this option. The availability of shorts and compression tops for girls is quite limited. However, MHS has seen the need for this option and created gear for the girls looking for a different option than competing in a singlet.