Wrestling Like a Girl with Women of Denver

Katherine Shai, l.a. jennings, sandra george, Photo by  sweet green photography

Katherine Shai, l.a. jennings, sandra george, Photo by sweet green photography

I was contacted by a local publication and business networking company, Women of Denver, who were interested in doing a feature on women's wrestling and my involvement as a local Denver resident. L.A. Jennings of the Train Fight Win gym was generous enough to host the Chatfield Wrestling team and coach Sandra George for the event. We held a clinic and talked about LuchaFIT and all it's wrestling learning resources, and learned about the Wrestle Like a Girl initiative. Then we got down to business and ran a fantastic practice! Scroll down to see the next generation of female warriors wrestling in the Denver Metro area!

Big thanks to Kyrstal Covington, CEO of Women of Denver, and to Stephanie Biermann of Sweet Green Photography for the amazing photos for this event!

The battle of the sexes as been going on for centuries. But the young women at Wrestle Like a Girl are building their defenses to win.

"I have learned that I can be something bigger, something better. As an athlete and as a (young) woman, it gives me confidence. It gives me strength," said Raquel Gray, a WLAG wrestler.

What else is a girl to gain from participating in a historically male sport? The answer: a lot.

"Combat sports are great for girls, as it helps with confidence and requires you to become very self aware. Wrestling offers knowledge of self-defense, fitness, nutrition, and body appearance," said Katherine Shai who is a board member of WLAG and founder of her own educational blog LuchaFIT...