Youth Olympic Games: Arriving and Settling into the Village

Can't believe it's been this long since Fulp-Allen Wrestling had an update! This post was defiantly in need and well worth it.

I am at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China!


All four of us arrived in Nanjing, China at the Youth Olympic Village late on Friday night. Although tired after 12 hours on a plane and 5 hours on the bus, arriving at night in the Youth Olympic Village was a site for sore eyes. The entire village is lit up at night, including a full building banner, dancing lights on the dormitory towers, and the village buildings brightly lit in the YOG color scheme. 


Our first Saturday was busy, fighting crowds and learning the routine. The boys did a running workout on the village track followed by drilling on Taekwondo mats. Just enough to push out the jet lag and help with time zone adjustment. We don't have access to wrestling mat in the village, and with the opening ceremonies just a head of us, we made do with what we had available. 


The opening ceremonies were amazing. The Chinese did a fabulous job with the show. From the acrobatics to the lights, fireworks, and torch lighting presentation, every aspect was exciting to watch. Enjoy the photos and I will update continue to post updates from the Youth Olympic Games wrestling team!


2014 Youth Olympic Wrestling Team in Nanjing China from left to right: 

Team Leader & Coach: Sara Fulp-Allen

54kg Freestyle: Daton Fix 

69kg Greco-Roman: Mason Manville

46kg Freestyle: Cade Olivas

Katherine at the NYAC Tournament, Beat the Streets

This past weekend was the New York Athletic Club International tournament. I had a great showing and I was happy to be back in competition after almost three months of quiet time. I was extremely pleased with how I wrestled, even if my 4th place finish doesn't show how I felt. It just means I have a lot of great room for improvement :).

After the tournament, I got an amazing opportunity to do a clinic for the Beat the Streets NY Wrestling Club. It was exciting to see so many young faces in the wrestling room, drilling and working on technique with that youthful excitement. We had an awesome showing of about 25 girls, ages 13 to 17. It can be tough sometimes to jump into such an established club and hope the things you show are new or an improvement on what the kids already know. I just went with my gut and worked on establishing strong defensive and offensive basics. As female wrestlers, we often depend on our flexibility instead of focusing on strong positioning, so I knew it was important to demonstrate. We didn't get an opportunity show parterre technique, but we got to do some scootin' around the mat to show the girls the importance of movement in a defensive position in parterre.

This in particular was a really special event for me. One of my best friends and college teammate from Menlo, Jacque Davis, is the girls coach for Beat the Streets, NY. She has just recently began in this position, but I could already see what a huge impact she has had on these young girls. You can always find people who can coach, but you cant always find a coach who can connect with their athletes so well. This is exactly what Jacque has brought to this program. I am so proud and so lucky that I had teammates in college who were so passionate about a sport I love so much, that they are still involved years after graduation! It just shows over and over that wrestling creates a whole different breed of people, that drives them to want to stay with the sport and to continue to give back to our future wrestlers. Thank for such a wonderful opportunity BTSNY!

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Ladies Wrestlin' at Menlo!

It was such a great opportunity when I got to go back to my Alma Mater, Menlo College, and do an all girls wrestling camp! Not only was I back in my old college stopping grounds, but I got a chance to give back to the sport I love.

As most of you know, our mission here on Fulp-Allen Wrestling is to try and reach out to young female wrestlers and give them a glimpse into future opportunities which may await them! It is not very often we get a chance to actually work with these future stars, one-on-one. 

The girls we worked with were mainly from California and its neighboring states. They were fantastic! Each day we had 2 hour sessions in which they learned technique, wrestled situations, and wrestled live. Many of the girls were new to freestyle, which presented a unique opportunity not only for the girls to learn, but for us to re-learn the best way to teach freestyle.

 Each evening we took the girls through personal stories, nutrition, sport psychology, as well personal goals in wrestling. It was great to see how many girls were excited about taking time out of their summers to focus on a sport I love so much... just like I had done when I was their age. 

Often, I am asked what do you need to do at a young age to be at the national and international levels in wrestling later on... natural talent? Extreme self motivation? I always say that taking every opportunity, camp, international tour, and coaching you can get will take you very, very far. 

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