Packing Snacks for Your Competition

It can be a daunting task to decide what are the right foods to bring to your competition. Often enough, you wake up in the morning on the day of competition and have no idea what to put in your bag! 

Wrestlers often have a hard time eating throughout a competition day, and sometimes that is okay. We are dealing with nerves, emotions from match to match, and unpredictable changes. Eating large portions at one time can leave your stomach upset and end up on the mat :(

Eating a few bites frequently throughout the day is an awesome way to maintain energy without getting queasy. Your stomach can take time to process and focus solely on the smaller amounts of food. Digestion actually begins in the mouth, when we chew. When we eat smaller bites, we actually tend to eat slower. This means that when we eat small bites, we are actually helping our stomach do less work. This is a strategy for good digestion and for our nervous stomaches on competition day! 

When you are choosing your food for competition day, each small snack should contain a bit of carbs, protein, and fat. The carbs can be a simple sugar, but don’t over do it. Half of an energy bar is perfect (chocolate, nuts, grains). It is helpful to choose foods that spike your blood sugar quickly for in between matches and proteins that can be consumed slowly over time, or for during longer rest periods. Proteins take longer for your stomach to digest, and some of this will be trial and error for you to learn which snacks are best for you at specific times on your competition day. The list above can help you get inspired to pack smart the night before an event.

Let me know what YOU pack for your competition days, and best of luck in your season!!


*To see one of my past blogs on some of the science of simple sugars and competition food, read that one here!! *

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The Top 2 Athletic Items for Black Friday

The holidays are starting to gear up, and that also means big time SALES. I do my best not to get wrapped up in the craziness of Black Friday. I order online if I can, but when there are a few products that I love go on sale only at this time, then it's a must have in my book! 



I love these swimsuits! I'm not typically doing much swimming, but I am in the pool for hot/cold plunge recovery and for rehab exercises. I've always wanted a swimsuit that would wear well for my body type and not shift in all the wrong places! Thats when I found Jolyn! It is a company out of California and it was started by female athletes and Olympic-level water polo players who saw that there was a need for a different kind of women's swimsuit. The bottoms have a tie so that they fit snug around your hips and don't even HINT at trying to fall down when you are trying to hop out of the pool. I mean, c'mon, if that doesn't sell you already I don't know what does! 

I have the "Midl" bottoms in the color seafoam and a "Vent" top in blueberry. I bought it about two years ago and I have seen NO signs of wear. You can mix and match your styles, and starting at $25, its a serious steal! The stock goes quickly and they don't always replenish the same style/color, so if you see what you like, get it! Typically they have a Black Friday sale, so sign up for their mailing list to get all the details! 


Anyone who knows me will tell you I look for quality products. As much as maybe we all hate to admit it, Lululemon lives up to all the hype. I have tights from Lulu that I have put through SO many wrestling workouts and washes. Personally, I think that wrestling puts clothing to the test like none other! We typically destroy the knees out of our clothing, partners can easily pull at and test the integrity of fabrics. I've had plenty of clothing only last one workout because they got stretched out, BUT THESE LIVE UP. I always buy during a sale, and this is one you need to get into the store for. They will not have the same sales online as they will in the store. You may have to deal with a crowd and some hunting, but if you find something you love, you will have a quality product that lasts you years. ONE pair of Lulu leggings will last you over the 3-4 cheapies you will end up buying at TJ Maxx or Ross. 

Let me know your go-to Black Friday sale workout items! Maybe you know about some awesome gear I've never known was available for a better price! My best recommendation is, choose 1 or 2 places to shop, MAX. The holidays are about family and relaxing, so get outside and get active! 


The exercises you should be doing in your off-day routine

I firmly believe that the things you do on your off days are just as important and beneficial as your “on” days! Our bodies need rest and time to rebuild when you spend a lot of time breaking it down through lifting and workouts. I have three go to exercises that help benefit all the hard work I put in the rest of the week!

1. Legs

Its common to think that on your off-days, you ignore your legs. Most likely, you are sore and fatigued from the week's workouts. However, in order to push out the lactic acid and have better recovery, the answer is to push through and pay attention to your legs! I choose exercises that allow the stabilizer muscles to kick into gear. I will do single-leg or split-leg exercises to challenge my nervous system so that it can remember to respond with proper balance. This kind of focus is often ignored when we lift heavy or practice our sport of choice.

2. Shoulder stabilizers

It is a rare opportunity to take care of our bodies. Your off-day doesn't need to include pushups and weighted curls. Varying exercises within a plank will help support shoulder stability and all the muscles throughout your arms, abs, hips, and legs that it takes to stabilize yourself in a plank position. The focus may be your shoulders, but the rest of your body gets the chance to remember which muscles have to work to isolate movements and stay in control. This concept crosses over into anything you do physically.

3. Dynamic Stretching

Here's your chance to increase mobility through movement. I KNOW you have an area where you're lacking in motion and we always find it while we are drilling or lifting, then forget about it later. Maybe it's when you are shooting a double leg and when you step up to complete the take down, your back always rounds and you cant keep your hips down. THIS is the position for you to work on! Sitting in a "froggy squat," reach a hand to the opposite foot, and the other arm behind and up as if trying to stack your shoulders. Hold for a few seconds and switch sides. Repeat and breath out as you rotate into the stretch. Each time you switch sides, you notice you can go a little further. Staying down in your squat for longer will increase the resiliency in your muscle fibers, as well as the flexibility in your upper back as you rotate. This functional movement serves a means for stretching, as well as application to sport! 


Alright guys, get out there and be intentional with your off-day routines! I PROMISE, you will see a big difference between the days that you are intentional, and the days where you end up sitting on the couch. Your recovery isn't meant the be hard and vigorous, its mean to serve a purpose. Now that you are armed with knowledge, get at it people! 



6 Gorgeous Gym Bags You'll Love

If you're still looking for a gift this holiday for that special sporty girl, look no further! Yesterday I jumped into a thorough women's gym bag search in desperate need of something before I leave town on Saturday. I decided to go with a cute and stylish gym bag instead of a true carry-on because of have been literally using a sporty Puma purse for all my gym and wrestling gear these last few months. It is really tiny and defiantly won't do for much longer. Happily, I came across a lot that I loved, and decided to do a blog about my findings. Since I don't have time to order online, I am going to have to get to a few locations today and see what I can find. Check out what I am loving!

1. Puma Radiant Duffle Bag


This little beauty is on the smaller side. I love the pockets on the exteriorthat are flat and add texture and design to the front of the bag. It is convenient to put something like a phone, water bottle, or MP3 player in when on the move. The interior has multiple organizational pockets and the long and short handles are perfect for carrying different ways. The best part of this bag is that right now it is on sale for $20. It comes in black and silver as well, and would be a perfect gift for this season. I may need to order this just because it is such an amazing price!!!

2. Nike C72 Legend 2.0

Nike C72 Legend 2.0 (Medium) Duffel Bag


A more traditional gym bag, this one comes in neon green and purple colors. Water resistant and durable with multiple compartments. Perfect for those who just want a touch of femininity to their bags.

3.Under Armour's Perfect Duffle Bag


I am always impressed at how Under Armour keeps up with current trends. I love this sleek black bag for it's classiness and durability. It is understated but comes with many bells and whistles. A separate side shoe compartment, a removable laundry bag, a computer tablet sleeve, and even a heat durable pocket to store a still warm hair iron when you are in a hurry. Although the price reflects this accessory, it is surely a statement athlete piece.

4. LuluLemon Weekend Warrior Bag

Weekend Warrior Bag


LuluLemon is definitely a front runner of fashionable fitness and yoga bags. With many to choose from each season, I choose this one to highlight because of it's soft traditional style. Lulu often makes hard shelled bags, which are lovely, but I am not in the market for this month. I want something durable and compact-able (in case I need to pack it down into my suitcase).  I have also noticed how the hard shelled bags wear on the corners if you don't treat them with a lot of TLC.

5. oGorgeous Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag in French Rose

Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag in French Rose


For the ultra girly-girl. This lovely bag comes in vegan leather and sports a yoga mat holder, a clear jewelry pocket, a laptop compartment, a separate shoe bag, and a phone pocket inside. The designer of oGorgeous Bags is a fellow fitness blogger who has been blogging for many years and succeeding a the highest level!

6. Puma Training Float Tote


Moving back into a reasonable price range is another cute Puma bag! Puma has really been getting it for me today. This bag zips closed securely below the handles and sports multiple interior pockets and a key holder cord. It also comes in two other bright and girly colors!

Please let me know if there are other amazing and cute gym bags you know of in the comments below! I am heading out to hunt for a bag I can leave town with on Saturday, and I am hoping that I find something!