What You Don't Know About Being A Female Wrestler

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We don’t all look like what you think.

There are 10 different weight classes in Women's Wrestling, which means wrestling encompases SO. MANY. DIFFERENT. body types. Our weight classes range from 110 pounds to 167 pounds, which allows for different sizes, heights, and shapes.

"Stereotyping a female wrestler’s body as short & stocky will only give you a narrow view of our sport."   

Trying to stereotype a female wrestler’s body as only short and stocky will only give you a narrow view of our sport. Wrestling is one of the few sports where you use your body type as a way to get the advantage over your opponent. Tall wrestle short, skinny wrestle stocky. As long as they are the same weight, you must learn how to wrestle whatever your opponent looks like...

This article originally appeared on the Athlete Network.

SparkFire Blog Collaboration Part 3: Feeling Strong, Inside & Out : When Your Weakness Becomes Your Strength

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I have always had a strong sense of resiliency. Just because I was unhappy with my body type did not mean I was looking for a way out. I was looking for a way IN. My search for a way into the “right” wrestling body type actually led me towards the right mentality for accepting myself.  

My perceptions of weakness versus strength clearly needed to be re-tuned. In my mind, I empowered myself to seek people who could help me and answers that would click.



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LuchaFIT is on the Radio!

LuchaFIT founder Katherine Shai joins Bill Hayes on Mat-Time Weekly and Tony Hager of Takedown Radio to talk about her lessons as a professional athlete, how that has tied into the creation of LuchaFIT, and her involvement with the non-profit Wrestle Like a Girl. 

SparkFire Blog Collaboration Part 2: One Body Type for Athletes? No Way!

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My dad was 84 pounds his freshman year in high school. In the late 1940's / early 1950's, his school had a high school wrestling weight class of 96 pounds. My mom was a gymnast and very petite. I certainly had the genes to be a small and petite woman coupled with the genes of an athlete. I was destined to be a small kiddo.  

It was hard to see past my body type. Well into my twenties, I was still plagued with body insecurities. What others said continued to effect me, but it took on a new form.


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The Inside Trip Podcast: Tamyra Stock

The Inside Trip Podcast has another Women of the Mat interview this month! This podcast series is brought to you by LuchaFIT and Wrestle Like a Girl.

Tamyra Stock (Mensah) has been a lady on the rise the last few years. She was the 2016 Olympic Trials Champion, 2016 U.S. National Champion, killed it in Russia this year winning the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix, and made her first world team beating 2x Olympian Elena Pirozhkova for the spot. Even though she had a disappointing finish at the World Championships in Paris in August, Tamyra has bright hopes for her future. She opens up about her struggle with confidence as a professional athlete, and how that has played a role in her losses under the big spotlight.

Personality doesn't disappoint in this interview; from ponchos and feeding birds in Siberia, to a painful reality of not representing the U.S. at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Tamyra keeps us entertained the whole way through and we can't wait to see what the years bring for this awesome lady! 

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